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What a Pair

No Devito’s here, just a couple of Schwarzenegger’s...⠀

The pairing of towns has been done for centuries.⠀

However, the modern concept of town twinning was conceived after the Second World War, in 1947. It was intended to foster friendship and spark inspiration between ally towns who faced similar destruction or turmoil, in order to face rebuilding and renew together. ⠀

Twinning also sought to promote understanding between perceived former foes as an act of peace and reconciliation. ⠀

Town leaders would visit and exchange gifts and charters... but on a more human scale children would write to new penpals and communities would travel, meet and share experiences... learning that often they weren’t enemies on two sides but friends who had entered a fight against fascism, simply at different times. One hadn’t won while the other lost, as people, they were all liberated together when the war was won.⠀

What a lovely thought... as we all move toward defeating a common enemy, be it social or viral, that we could come out the other side closer... understanding, seeing and listening... ready to share experiences and move forward together. ⠀

Testing, testing.... Siegen... are you still out there?

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