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In 1987, after creating 2 basketball sneakers together, Michael Jordan was questioning his partnership with Nike. Knowing that rival Adidas was circling the water… Nike called in Tinker.

Fresh off the success of the Air Max 1, designer Tinker Hatfield was revolutionising training shoes… taking them from the track and field to the streets.

Hatfield sketched the first mid-cut shoe to give Jordan more speed and freedom of movement, while still being protective on the court. He presented new exciting materials, the iconic Air bubble and accented it with an elephant skin print that stood out on the hardwood and more importantly… off it.

But he wasn’t done…Tinker relegated the Nike Swoosh to the heel, introduced a ‘little Jordan man’ patch and put that newly designed, but now iconic. ‘Jumpman’ silhouette front and centre on the shoe’s tongue.

Jordan stayed with Nike.

The shoe was an instant commercial success. It allowed Jordan to fly to new heights on and off the court… and in the design and process, Tinker made himself an icon… in more ways than one.

So, no… It’s Tinker’s party and he’ll hang on the ring if he wants to.

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