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Morley Tops

In 1912 almost to the day, the Morley Vocal Union, topped with the finest straw boater hats, set forth to Paris to compete in the International Music Festival. The choir of 42 dapper gents sang their hearts out, coming third against some very stiff competition. They brought home 1000 francs and the pride of an entire town.

Their journey started and finished at the Great Northern Station in Morley.

Ever wondered why there is a Bridge Street in Morley when there’s no bridge and a Great Northern Street a mile away from the nearest train station in Morley Bottoms?

Well, our illustrious train station at the bottom of the hill once had a sister.

Built in the 1850s, where Fountain Street meets Chartists Way, there once stood Morley Top Station on the Great Northern Railway line that ran through Gildersome to Morley and on to Ardsley.

The station closed in 1969. Now, aside from a couple of seemingly random street names and an abutment of a former viaduct at the end of High Street, this ghost sign is the last evidence that this was once a place where you could board a train toward competitive melodic success in Paris.

The sign reads Great Northern Railway Goods Depot.

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