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Quite the Coal Hole

What a coal hole! In 1846, if you wanted to put a hole in something or cut, sand, knurl or turn something else... then you would head down to Crown Point to see Joseph Green and his Nephew. They specialised in the design and creation of both hand and steam powered wood working machines.⠀

In 1884 Green and Nephew patented ‘The Handy’... a pioneering machine that allowed the user to plan out jointing, bevelling, chamfering and squaring of any kind of timber... and at a time when machinery of this ilk was supersized... it was a machine that would fit into a small workshop. It was made to allow small start ups and independents to challenge big industry from the comfort of their shed.⠀

How fitting it is that behind this coal hole today is a plethora of makers, designers and creative independents at duke studios, showing that ‘craft’ can still beat ‘size’ in every way that matters.

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