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Hidden in plain sight

This bold ‘Microgramma’ font has been combined nicely with a modernist 3 way arrow logo, not so subtly borrowed from Glasgow Airport signage,

designed by Margaret Calvert in 1965.⠀

The pinched and then tweaked logo was used throughout Leeds for leisure centres, schools, parks and other city council activities throughout the 1980s.⠀

Margaret Calvert is perhaps the most prolific, yet underrated, designer in British history… her best-known designs are simple, iconic and have been seen and used every day by millions of people for over 55 years.⠀

Margaret designed the street sign. Not just one street sign… she designed all of them.⠀

Using circles and triangles… and one octagon that gets you to stop… she drew by hand the pictograms of rocks falling, animals running, cars skidding and big sisters leading their little brothers across the road. All of which combined to create one humongous graphic language that spans the length and breadth of the country and is so easy to understand that we hardly notice it… We just know.

So, forget Simon… you stop, cross and turn around when Margaret Calvert O.B, flipping, E says.

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