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Do Your Best

Updated: Feb 13, 2021

Always do your best! ⠀

The fleur-de-lis logo of Scouting is just brimming with symbolism! I mean they weren’t messing about with this one...⠀

Let’s start with the petals... they represent the threefold Scout Promise to do your duty to Country, to Self and to Others... and the fold of middle petal is the needle of a compass that is always pointing forward. ⠀

Then... there are the two five point stars which stand for truth and knowledge... and together their ten points represents the 10 Scout laws... chief of which is ‘on my honour, it is so’.⠀

But they don’t stop there...⠀

The ring, that holds the petals together, symbolises the bonds of brotherhood and finally there’s a rope that envelops the whole thing. The rope means to encapsulate the spirit of unity of Scouts around the world... tied together with the strongest of reef knots.⠀

No stone was left unturned on this one... but then, what would you expect from the lads that were using acronyms before they were cool... DYB, DYB, DYB.

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