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We often define a city in terms of its bigness; it’s so easy to forget that our daily experience of any city is made up of countless tiny, intimate encounters. 

The story of a place isn’t found in the top 10 most visited attractions. The story of a place is told by the little, subtle, often overlooked things we walk past everyday… there are secrets behind street signs, tales behind telegraph poles and legends behind the letters that adorn the walls, streets and buildings across the urban space we call home. Every place has a story that it is itching to tell… we just need to stop for a minute and listen.

Letters Wander began when the world stopped… when travel was taken off the table… and we had nowhere to go but home. It was, at first, simply a celebration of typography… we wandered around trying to find different fonts and collect them… but soon it came apparent that there was a tale behind each letter and this little place we call home had a rich history that we hadn’t appreciated.

Morley was more than your run of the mill Victorian town of industry. There were stories of world beating male choirs, tales of world leading technological advancements and legends of world changing feminist revolutionaries that were underappreciated, overlooked or simply lost from the narrative of this wonderful little town.

Letters Wander isn’t a flashy affair… but it has become a little community that shares, chats and celebrates the story and letters of place we find ourselves and are lucky enough to call home. Feel free to give us a glance, have a read and, of course, join in…

Let us wander together.

Best Friends
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